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A pair of Amethyst Earrings from Blackroom are sure to please your Valentine

You have the perfect venue in mind, her chocolate and flower preferences have been deciphered – but you aren’t alone if you are a bit lost as to how to truly present to her what she means to you with a unique St. Valentine’s Day gift. There is nothing quite like making your lover’s heart skip a beat when presented with the perfect gift, and who can deny the power of your fondest romantic memories captured in a timeless form.


St Valentine – the Ladies man

As February looms every year we have come to feel the anticipation rising – whether you are wondering who will come forward and admit their attractions, if this is the time to reveal your deeper feelings for your significant other or taking the opportunity to remind your spouse just how special they are. Simple, right? Not quite.

The ensuing scavenger hunt for the perfect encapsulation of your entire emotional devotion can lead one to wonder why we celebrate this day in the first place. The history on St.Valentine is vague, but it is believed that on this day in the 3rd century AD St. Valentine was executed for uniting loving couples in marriage, which was against the law at the time. His last act was writing a letter to his beloved, signed ‘From your valentine’. Needless to say, he set the bar for romance pretty high for the rest of us.


Bespoke bling is a girl’s best friend

While jewellery is a sure way to woo your valentine, when it comes to that precious piece, it should be imbued with the individual character to embody the essence of the person it adorns. Luckily there are master craftsmen out there who can wrap up your romantic memoirs, and create a cherished symbolic piece of fine jewellery that is intensely personal. Bespoke jewellers create something more than you could ever dream to gift from your average jewellery store, taking your ideas and designing each unique piece, crafting them to showcase the beauty and brilliance of each fine stone and every sparkling facet.

When it comes to shiny things, diamonds could be a boys best friend in showing your commitment – the hardest known natural substance, they represent love, faithfulness and deep devotion in relationships – not to mention their ability to put a twinkle in the eye.

Precious and rare gems have been prized for their beauty and mystical properties, and are the perfect personal touch to your custom made piece. Jewelry featuring rubies will signify a fiery passion, garnet your intense attraction; an emerald holds promise of truth and honesty while the striking lapis lazuli is said to signify harmony, balance and spirituality.

Whichever moment, emotion or significance you choose to base your creation on, an exclusive Valentine’s day gift that is intricately personalised is just the way to wear your heart on your sleeve. Contact us to make your jewellery dreams a reality.