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The Earrings of an Earthly Goddess

The Black Room has been working hard to bring sheer toughness and sacrality together. This month, we’re proud to announce a new addition to our product list. We’ve combined sacred elements from a time when Druidry was spread far and wide, the toughest variation of diamonds that are naturally found in nature, and our skilled craftsmanship to convey a delicate beauty.

Our latest creation is a pair of 18 carat white gold earrings. The star of the show is a large smokey quartz gemstone set at the bottom of the earrings, giving them the appearance of a glistening brown-gold raindrop being encapsulated in an elegant claw. Trailing down the path of the drop, the white gold is micro paved with black diamonds.

Black diamonds are some of the most valuable variants of diamond colors that are available. They’re incredibly precious stones, and thus have held a high status in the jewellery industry for decades. A black diamond is impervious to the ever-changing styles of the modern world. Black diamonds are also renowned for their toughness, being highly resistant to scratches and damage. Unlike the diamonds most people know, black diamonds are entirely opaque.

While black diamonds are desired for their physical traits and unique statement of color, smoky quartz tells a different story. These crystal stones hold their own set of beloved traits from their rarity to their beauty. However, there’s more to the smoky quartz than what’s on the surface. For centuries, this brownish-grey stone has been known for its significance of the Earth Gods’ and Goddesses’ great powers. It’s known as a protector of the earth and the humans’ connection to it, as well as its ability to absorb and dispel negative energy.

Whether you believe in the spiritual power of smoky quartz or have a fascination with the starkness of the black diamond, one thing is for sure – when combined, the two stones create a powerful piece of jewellery that is both earthy and elegant. These earrings make a stunning addition to any jewellery collection.