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Inspired by Rutialated Quartz, Pierre created this mystical jewellery in the shape of a protea flower

It is said that man is God’s best creation, and God has gifted us with nature and made it our guardian angel. Since the very beginning of mankind, the human race has been blessed with many wonders of this celestial nature, and Rutialated Quartz is one of them. Rutialated Quartz is transparent with yellow/golden hair-like Rutile inclusions. Each gemstone has a unique pattern, which makes these stones even more mystical. The color variation is also a notable characteristic of this stone, as it doesn’t have a specific color like other mineral stones, such as sapphire, ruby etc. It has a different range of color, such as yellow, golden etc. The hair like inclusions are slightly reddish, which is what rutile actually means in Latin.

The Rutile Quartz is believed to be a symbol of energy. A lot of people use this gemstone as an energizing element, and they believe it preserves the inner aura of the soul. It keeps away all the negative energies and creates a positive vibe, which helps one to go beyond their capability. It is also believed to restore love and improves mental focus. The stone is often used to fix broken hearts and nurture relationships. It’s made of SiO2 and TiO2, which gives it the rigidity, although the Golden Rutile Quartz is the most fragile.

We used these mystical stones and our creativity to form a pair of beautiful protea shapped earrrings for a custom order.
In our hands, these dew drops of nature turn into glamorous and exquisite jewellery, which you or your loved ones will be delighted to wear.